REAC solves motion challenges

REAC literally puts your product in motion, by putting motion systems into your product. You can find our ”mark of motion” on medtech and mobility equipment around the globe. REAC’s product range includes strong and compact electric linear actuators, lift and tilt systems, and control systems. Let us know what you need! We’ll customize our products to your requirements.

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At REAC, we’re passionate about helping people in their daily lives.

As a trusted supplier to the medtech industry, we have honed our expertise in motion systems to serve the needs of disabled users and their caregivers, while meeting strict quality and safety standards. REAC’s expertise has proven beneficial to many different industries and motion challenges. Are you making a wheelchair, a boat engine or a piece of industrial equipment? Whatever application you have in mind, we will provide a solution that’s designed and manufactured for the purpose of improving quality of life.  

Did you know we offer actuator samples with fast delivery?

When there are special requirements, we help you customize. That is one of REAC's many strengths. Contact us today! 

Our power solutions - actuators, lift, tilt & control systems


Together for Agenda 2030

REAC is a proud sponsor of Solvatten (Sunwater) Since 2018, Investment AB Latour and its’ wholly owned operations have given 3288 families in Burkina Faso and Uganda access to safe and warm water from Solvatten. The collaboration has enabled improved living conditions and decreased the need of burning biomass equal to 800 hectares of forest, by replacing these fuels with sustainable solar energy. This has resulted in better socio-economic conditions, while also enabling families to save fuel and protect their local environment. This year’s project in Uganda, to which we donated 1014 Solvatten, is implemented through our partners PLAN International, UNHCR and International Aid Services. Within their program locations, these organizations make sure that your support reaches the most vulnerable families in need of Solvatten.

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