People say that you should trust your own strength, but those who can’t have to rely on using someone else’s. The same goes for movement. Movement is a part of our life and may be even more important to people who are immobile due to illness or disability. This is where REAC comes into the picture; we are passionate about helping people in their daily lives, and by providing a wide range of advanced power solutions suitable for many different applications, we hope to make people's lives a little bit easier.

REAC's power solutions contain compact, strong, flexible electrical actuators, lift and tilt systems, control boxes and hand controls, including software. We know that our customers have different needs and therefore our products are designed to be customized according to their application’s specific requirements. Our main market is Medical and Rehabilitation equipment. But our products are also used in boat engines and other industrial applications. We are confident to say that we can solve a wide range of motion problems, so please challenge us!

REAC with it's office in Gothenburg, Sweden, here we have parts of the sales team, finance, purchase, management team and marketing.

REAC’s development and production is divided into two different branches; In Piotrków, Poland, we develop and produce actuators, control systems and lift & tilt systems and in Zielona Góra, Poland and we have component production and sub assembly.

Would you like a sneak peek in our manufacturing site in Piotrków? Click on the video.

A part of something bigger

REAC is part of MS Group, a group of brands providing motion solutions to the global medical technology market. MS Group is wholly-owned by Latour Industries. Latour Industries is a part of the investment company Latour Investment AB, a mixed investment company quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Large Cap.