The foundation of REAC was laid in the early 1900s when SEM AB started


In the 30’s the company began developing and manufacturing ignition systems for combustion engines, mainly for motorcycles. Here the specialized expertise in electromechanical engineering was founded.


SEM Drive AB supplied solenoids and inductive position sensors to the automotive industry. High demands and large series.


In 2002 REAC AB was acquired. The company was integrated into SEM Drive AB, which changed its name to REAC AB. The first product to be developed after the acquisition was the actuator RE25. Compact, strong and flexible.


In 2006 solenoids and inductive sensors moved to SEM AB and REAC became a specialized actuator company. The product RE25 achieved a foothold in the wheelchair market.


The Danish company Balle A/S was acquired to complement REAC's product range of lift and tilt systems for wheelchairs.


In 2010 the Opcon Group sold REAC AB to Latour.


REAC acquired the actuator and lift/tilt business from MBL A/S . The company REAC Poland was formed.


REAC acquired the part of Ergolet that manufacturerd components for actuators and lift- and tilt systems. This acquisition became REAC Components.


REAC acquires  AAT, a manufacturer of mobile, versatile and convenient stair climbing and add-on engines for the rehabilitation and transportation industry.



REAC Group becomes part of MS Group, a group of brands providing motion solutions to the global medical technology market. MS Group currently owns three brands: REAC, AAT and Batec.  Today REAC Group has 3 entities; REAC AB, REAC Poland and REAC Components.