The various demands in different applications have led to an evolution of different basic actuator setups. Below follows a short description of the most important variants with one example from REAC’s product range. More extensive descriptions of all REAC’s products can be found here. Use the filter “select actuator type” to sort them out.

Inline actuators

In an inline actuator, the motor is connected to the screw via a planetary gearbox. REAC’s RE1000-series is an example of this type of actuator. 

These types of actuators have small or narrow profiles and are therefore suitable in applications demanding tight dimensions. The planetary gearbox used in these actuators requires a lower pitch to get a good self-lock. But even if the pitch must be lower than in other actuator types, the inline actuator often offers higher speed.

Parallel (straight inline) actuators

In a parallel actuator, the transmission of a straight spur gear and the motor is still in line with the piston, but folded back to become parallel to it.  REAC’s RE2000 is an example of this type.

This design provides a small cross-section area as well as short built-in length, and is therefore suitable for applications with limited space. The parallel actuator’s gearbox requires a lower pitch to obtain the self-lock, which in turn may result in lower speed compared to other actuators. 

Parallel (worm gear, flexible motor mount) actuators

In this type of actuator, the transmission consists of a worm gear connected to the motor driving a bevel gear with a 90-degree configuration. This enables the motor/worm-gear assembly to freely rotate. REAC’s RE25, RE35RE3004, RE3005 and RE3006 are examples of this type of actuator.

Even though there’s an added complexity with two types of gearboxes, this type of actuator provides the user with the capability to freely configure the motor position that best suits their application needs. This solution is quieter and stronger than many other actuators with this short built-in length.

Perpendicular (worm & spur gear combo) actuators

RE5004  has an added spur-gear transmission between the worm gear and the screw. This enables a high-pitch solution without losing lift capacity, resulting in very high efficiency.