REAC Group is wholly owned by Investment AB Latour. 

In collaboration since 2018:

In 2018, Investment AB Latour donated 955 Solvatten to families and primary schools in Burkina Faso. In 2019, a long-term commitment for families in Uganda was initiated and with this year's donation, covering 1357 Solvatten units, Investment AB Latour has now donated 5034 units to our programs in Uganda.

With a total of 5989 donated Solvatten units donated over time, 35 500 people in Burkina Faso and Uganda will have access to safe and warm thanks to Investment AB Latours commitment.

Field implementation:

The projects in Burkina Faso and Uganda are implemented together with PLAN International, UNHCR, International Aid Services and Pelum Uganda, in close collaboration with local district governments.

To add value to educational programs, WASH activities, equality interventions and refugee response, Solvatten kits are distributed to the most vulnerable families in the program regions.





Solvatten in Uganda

More than 22 million people lack direct access to clean drinking water in Uganda, representing over 50% of the country's population (WHO). The water and sanitation situation in Uganda's northern and eastern regions leads to high mortality and disease, especially among children under five. In most communities in Uganda, it is also the responsibility of women and girls to fetch water and collect firewood for household use. This responsibility imposes a considerable time burden on these women and girls and increases their exposure to gender-based violence when traveling long distances to remote locations to fetch water or firewood.
Having a Solvatten at home gives easy access to safe and hot water to improve families' health and hygiene conditions. Using the sun's power, it heats and treats water from microbiological contaminants and prevents people from falling sick. Your support makes families and communities more resilient.
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