We collaborate closely with our local municipalities, being involved in different projects to improve our environment.
All employees have taken great interest in being part of this journey into a healthier and more sustainable life.


Here are some highlights during 2022 and things that are ongoing:

• All electricity in Reac Components in Zielona Góra is from renewable sources.
• Reac Components has replaced the two company diesel cars with one electric minivan.
• Plastic bottles are no longer used.
• All plastic caps are collected on both manufacturing sites and put in waste separation. Money for collected caps is donated to charity.
• Ongoing internal activities and different projects; promote healthy food, better health insurance, give blood, and forest planting.
• Provide school materials and reflectors to kids, to make sure they are visible outdoors in the winter time.
• Recertification of ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018
• In 2023 we will install more solar panels in Piotrków site which will enable us to have 20% of the energy from our own source.
• Grease dispensers are being installed in every production line in Piotrków, will continue in 2023.
• Implemented digital signatures instead of printed papers that need filing.
• REAC in Piotrków is the sponsor of a new park in the city center. Trees are planted for an
improved environment that will mitigate the effects of pollution and can reduce the heat trapped in built-up areas, known as the ‘urban heat island effect’.
In Zielona Góra, all public buses are run on electricity. They run more frequently, and they have improved routes to encourage people to go by bus. In Piotrków we encourage people to ride a bike to work.

Christina Alenvret, Head of Reac Division summarized REAC’s efforts so far: “No action is too small and every action counts. Everyone can contribute. We strive to operate our business in ways that promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability and we do it together”.

Thank you for reading about our sustainability work. This means a lot to us.
We are constantly working on improvements for both planet and people.Would you like to read more, have a look at our sustainability folder.

Let’s stay connected, we will update you regularly.

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