Power wheelchair

An electric wheelchair is usually the most powerful mobility seating option. With a reliable motion system from REAC, it can truly become an extension of the user’s body, making every movement smooth and intuitive.

Propelled by batteries, an electric wheelchair provides the freedom to move independently and conveniently, for long distances. Naturally, it also includes features that make it easy for the user to increase comfort and ease pressure. Using a REAC motion system will allow smooth and reliable adjustments of the seat, backrest and leg support.  

Electric wheelchair motion system

REAC offers a complete range of electric linear actuators and lift and tilt systems that can be integrated into electric wheelchair applications. These products can be customized and combined into complete motion systems, to meet specific needs.

Lift and tilt systems

REAC provides various solutions for lifting, tilting and helping the user from a sitting to a standing or lying position. These lift and tilt systems are all very compact and powerful. Clever engineering allows an impressive lifting performance of up to 200 kg (440 lbs). 

Linear actuators

Power your lift and tilt system with our strong and compact actuators. These can be controlled by any REAC control device, or by any other market standard controller. Our smart actuators can be equipped with positioning feedback systems to ensure safe and efficient movement.

Control systems

Combine REAC control boxes with our hand controllers to achieve optimal control of your electric actuators and lift and tilt systems. Our high-quality control systems are easy to use and can be adapted to different functionality needs.











Find the right products for your electric wheelchair

Listed below are REAC power solutions that are suitable for electric wheelchair applications. Click on a product to see technical information, datasheets and 3D models. All our products can be adapted to your requirements.

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Motion solutions

REAC's power solutions contain compact and strong electrical actuators, lift and tilt systems and control systems.

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