Power wheelchairs empower people

A power wheelchair can truly improve a person’s quality of life. That’s what motivates us to provide wheelchair manufacturers with world-class seating systems.

As a trusted partner to the mobility aid industry, REAC can offer you more than motion solutions and components. We will work alongside you to solve your design challenges, to accomodate your quality and logistics requirements, and to ensure the driver is happy with their power wheelchair.

Challenge us!
What power wheelchair challenges are you struggling with right now? Your REAC team is ready and eager to work out the best solution for you. In close collaboration with our customers, we have already developed a wide range of electric wheelchair seating modules for maximum independence, inclusion and wellbeing. These are the experiences that we build on, every time we take on a new challenge. Let us know what we can help you with!

Five great reasons to choose REAC:
•Reliable performance thanks to thorough testing.
•Minimal time to market, with adaptable, standards-compliant modules.
•Maximum stability sideways, with a meticulously calibrated center of mass.
•Expert advice and teamwork throughout the whole product lifecycle.
•Passionate commitment to improving quality of life.

The power of wheelchairs
Since the first self-propelled wheelchair was created in the 17th century, its successors have helped improve milllions of lives all over the world. According to the World Health Organization, wheelchairs enhance personal mobility, which is ”a precondition for enjoying human rights and living in dignity”. This is what truly motivates the people of REAC. It’s the purpose behind our passion and expertise. We are proud to help you improve your customers’ quality of life every day.

From woo to wow
If you’re looking for a supplier who will both earn your trust and exceed your expectations, REAC is your answer. When you want a partnership that will both deliver on time and stick with you throughout your product lifecycle, you can count on us. When you want equal parts reliability and problem-solving creativity ... Yes, you guessed it: Contact REAC today!

Power-up your power wheelchair!
Listed below are REAC solutions suitable for electric wheelchair applications. All our products can be adapted to your and your customers’ wishes. We’re only an e-mail or a phone call away. Let us know what you need!
Power wheelchairs empower people.


Our products:

Lift and tilt systems
REAC provides various solutions for lifting, tilting and helping the user from a sitting to a standing or lying position. These lift and tilt systems are all very compact and powerful. Clever engineering allows an impressive lifting performance of up to 200 kg (440 lbs) for the standard system, heavy duty systems up to 250 kg (550 lbs).

Linear actuators
Power your lift and tilt system with our strong and compact actuators. These can be controlled by any REAC control device, or by any other market standard controller. Our smart actuators can be equipped with positioning feedback systems to ensure safe and efficient movement.

Control systems
Combine REAC control boxes with our hand controllers to achieve optimal control of your electric actuators and lift and tilt systems. Our high-quality control systems are easy to use and can be adapted to different functionality needs.


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Please note, requests about replacement parts should be directed to the equipment manufacturer. Reac supplies manufacturers only.

Motion solutions

REAC's power solutions contain compact and strong electrical actuators, lift and tilt systems and control systems.

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