Manual wheelchair

A manual wheelchair is mainly powered by its user. However, it can be upgraded with electric motion solutions. That enables the user to adjust the chair more smoothly and easily.

Manual wheelchair motion system

Manual wheelchairs have the advantage of being light-weight, low-maintenance and easy to store and transport. This minimalistic mobility seating option can be made more ergonomic by adding a reliable motion system from REAC. It will allow the user to act independently to increase comfort and ease pressure, by adjusting the seat, backrest and leg support.

REAC offers a complete range of products that can be added to manual wheelchair applications: Electric linear actuators, our Power Tilt in Space system, and control systems. These products can be customized and combined into complete motion systems, to meet specific needs. Learn more.

Control systems

Combine REAC control boxes with our hand controllers to achieve optimal control of your electric actuators and Power Tilt in Space system. Our high-quality control systems are easy to use and can be adapted to different functionality needs. 

Power Tilt in Space system

REAC Power Tilt in Space is a drive unit that allows you to add electric adjustable seating to a manual wheelchair. Combined with a REAC control system, it constitutes a complete motion system that can be adapted to wheelchairs and other seating functions in need of a tilting/rocking motion.




Linear actuators

Power your manual wheelchair motions with strong and compact actuators. These can be controlled by any REAC control system, or by any other market standard controller. Our smart actuators can be equipped with positioning feedback systems to ensure safe and efficient movement.

Find the right products for your manual wheelchair

Listed below are REAC power solutions that are suitable for manual wheelchair applications. Click on a product to see technical information, datasheets and 3D models. All our products can be adapted to your requirements.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? REAC is only an e-mail or phone call away. Please contact us and let us know what you need!

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Reac control system | RCB11

Rasmus Renzi, Project Manager REAC control systems demonstrating the versatile usage.