The strong, silent type

Every REAC actuator is designed to solve a real problem. The RE5004 was once created for a narrow space in a seating construction. Our engineers quickly realized that its precise design, low noise and reliable strength (6000N push force!) would be useful not only in seating modules, but also many industrial applications. So, if you’re looking for the strong, silent type, look no further!

Motor 24VDC standard or fast. Motor angle fixed in 90°
Mounting brackets cyl 10,0/12,0mm, fork 10,1mm. Angle for rear bracket is 0° or 90°
Connection Cable 0,5m 2x0,75mm2 (stripped ends)
Operating temperature +5° to +40°C
Storage temperature -40° to +70°C
Stroke lengths [mm] 50, 100, 150, 200, 250
Housing Composite
Piston Steel
Color Black
Duty cycle 10%, max 2 min at continuous use followed by an 18 min rest

We offer different variants and keep in mind this actuator can also be customized to fit your application. Learn more

REAC offers Power Solutions for rough, tough conditions where quality, speed, flexibility and strength are important. With our electrical actuators we offer you the possibility to control all sorts of heavy-duty industrial work applications.


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