RE3006 - reliable and straight forward

If your are looking for a light-weight, cost-effective actuator, meet the latest family member in our 3000 series.

We can customize according to your needs.

Name Max push force [N] Speed at no load [mm/s] Current consumption at no load [A] Min. build-in length, excl. stroke [mm] Max pull force [N] Speed at max. load [mm/s] Current consumption at max. load [A] Stroke length std [mm] IP class Pitch [mm]
RE3006 6000 5.0 0.8 165 2000 3.0 5.5 50-250 IPX1 3

Standard features for this actuator

Mounting bracketscyl 10,2/12,0mm
ConnectionCable 0,5m 2x0,75mm2 (stripped ends)
Operating temperature+5° to +40°C
Storage temperature-40° to +60°C
Stroke lengths [mm]50, 100, 150, 200, 250
PistonStainless steel
Duty cycle10%, max 2 min at continuous use followed by an 18 min rest

Dimensions of the actuators

The charts below showing the correlation between speed and current for the actuator

Feedback system(s) and/or switche(s) that works together with this actuator

Name Description
RE3006_Datasheet.pdf Language: English Download (pdf file, 287.1KB)

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