REAC Usage Tracking Tool is a PC software targeted for administrators who wants to look up information relevant for evaluation and optimization of their lift investment. The tool has an easy to use user interface, showing the most important numbers. It also has the ability to export usage data, which can be analyzed in other tools, for example in Microsoft Excel. RUT10 is available for REAC control box RCB20.

Standard features for this system

Usage statisticsView and export
Service interval informationView
Battery charge levelView
Battery life timeView information if supported by device
Product identification detailsView
System requirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or compatible
User requirementsRight to install USB driver
USB portone free

Name Description
RUT10 Data sheet Download the data sheet to get more information about the software Download (pdf file, 170.7KB)
RUT10 Installation file Download the RUT10 software and install it on your computer Download (pdf file, 84.3KB)

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