Lift & Tilt system | standard

With our reliable side stability, this system offers a safe chair. We fulfill regulatory requirements. At the same time, we have increased the endurance of the wheelchair with well-proven products. Our Lift and Tilt systems will meet your design, manufacturing, and logistics requirements. Load capacity up to 260 kg. Lifting height up to 300 mm. Limit switch in actuator. Tilt function allows angle up to 50°. Weight 26kg. The system offers stability, comfort, and freedom to connect with friends, family, and community.

We can help you customize the product to your needs.

Name Load capacity [kg] Min install height [mm] Lifting height [mm] Max tilting angle [°] Weight [kg]
Lift & Tilt standard 215 88 300 50 28

Dimensions of the system

Name Description
Lift & Tilt system STD_ Data sheet 4.2.pdf (1) Download (pdf file, 339.5KB)

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