Marek approaches business with a straightforward perspective, unafraid to address challenges head-on.

– I’ll speak honestly and openly about whatever needs to be resolved.

While he’s good at delegating tasks, and encourages independence, he also has a holistic mindset. He’ll provide unwavering support and collaborate closely with his team.

According to Marek, REAC has many important qualities.

– Competent as well as engaged staff engagement and a strong awareness of processes, combined with a focus on safety, are among REAC's notable strengths.

At the same time, he emphasizes the need for improvement, especially in harnessing the potential of robotics and process automation. However, REAC’s skilled engineering team makes him optimistic, and he encourages a positive mindset. 

– One can view a glass as half full but considering it half empty will open-up the potential to fill it up.

When he’s not working, Marek enjoys triathlon and travelling. He especially delights in discovering hidden gems, such as the West coast of Africa, while vacationing with his family.

We are happy to welcome Marek on board. His experience and dynamic approach will contribute significantly to the growth and success of REAC Components.