Low weight Tilt system

New improved REAC Tilt base, reduced weight, only 10.5 kg. Increased strength and durability. We offer a compact system, allowing tilting up to 50° with 215 kg load, still maintaining 78 mm overall building height. System provides constant speed during the entire angle change. All interface fixation points for base and seat system are rust protected. This system is ideal for electrical wheelchairs, as well as being a perfect match for other similar applications. If required, we offer a customization to meet your needs. The standard configuration includes easy adaptable top- and bottom frames.

We can help you customize the product to your needs.

Name Load capacity [kg] Min install height [mm] Max tilting angle [°] Weight [kg]
LW Tilt 215 78 50 10.5

Dimensions of the system

Name Description
Low weight Tilt system_Data sheet_5.0.pdf Language: English Download (pdf file, 303.9KB)

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