Competent and dedicated people are essential to REAC’s success. By embracing social and cultural diversity, we’re able to focus on attracting and keeping the best talent in the market. We encourage everyone on the REAC team to get involved and bring their unique expertise and perspectives to the table.

Health and safety are priorities at REAC. Working together, systematically and long-term, we all contribute to a healthy corporate culture, based on respect for human equality, openness and honesty. By extension, this entails the safeguarding of human rights, not only within REAC, but also with relation to suppliers and other business partners.



No company is an island. As a player in human society and the natural world, REAC takes responsibility for contributing to the opportunities and the sustainable future of both mankind and its environment.

Therefore, the REAC team works in a structured way to minimize our environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, for example, by finding sustainable, equivalent alternatives when sourcing materials. We are constantly striving to conserve and economize on our resources. Human and natural, as well as financial.



Profitability is essential to developing our business in a sustainable and responsible way. Therefore, we strive to build a culture of innovation, flexibility, and growth. The profits we make today will provide us the resources to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Whether it’s about people, planet or profit, we set and monitor relevant goals, to make sure that we’re moving steadily forward on our path towards greater sustainability. Our code of conduct helps us ensure that we run our business in a safe, professional, ethical and responsible way. We play by the rules and have zero tolerance against all forms of corruption.


 REAC's sustainability work, step by step, please click here