RE2000 - where small size is important

Powerful with capacity up to 2500N. Quiet actuator. For applications where small size is required.

We can customize according to your needs.

Name Max push force [N] Speed at no load [mm/s] Current consumption at no load [A] Min. build-in length, excl. stroke [mm] Max pull force [N] Speed at max. load [mm/s] Current consumption at max. load [A] Stroke length std [mm] IP class Pitch [mm]
RE2000 FAST-3 2500 5.8 0.2 118 Contact REAC 2.8 2.0 50-150 IPX4 3
RE2000 STD - 2.5 2500 4.8 0.2 118 Contact REAC 2.5 1.8 50-150 IPX4 2.5
RE2000 STRONG - 2 2500 4 0.2 118 Contact REAC 2.3 1.6 50-150 IPX4 2

Standard features for this actuator

ConnectionCable 0,5m 2x0,75mm2 (stripped ends). Plugs and terminals also available.
Operating temperature+5° to +40°C
Storage temperature-40° to +70°C
Stroke lengths [mm]50, 100, 150
PistonStainless steel
Duty cycle10%, max 2 min at continuous use followed by an 18 min rest

Dimensions of the actuators

Feedback system(s) and/or switche(s) that works together with this actuator

Name Description
Feedback & switches matrix Language: English Download (pdf file, 184.1KB)
RE2000 data sheet.pdf Langugage: English Download (pdf file, 653.0KB)

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